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Trump – Biden : who will Restrain the chariot of fire?

The American 2020 elections which is marked by the Political conflicts, economic fluctuations and thorny internal issues, not its last the Corona pandemic that has thrust the whole world into a narrow tunnel at the end a faint light gives a glimmer of hope to reveal a vaccine that ends the most dangerous epidemic that humanity has faced in its history.

US election timelines have started counting down the days until Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in one of the most heated clashes in the country’s recent political history. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have yet to clash onstage.

Therefore, In the next few weeks, fierce battles are expected between President Donald Trump and his rival, the presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The former seeks to stabilize his feet for another four years in the White House, while his Democratic rival tries to convince voters that he is the worthiest of running the country.

“Saudi Gazette” puts the reader in front of the schedule of the presidential debates and the decisive days in the Trump-Biden battle:

September 29, 2020: First debate: Trump – Biden (Ohio)

October 7, 2020 Vice Trump’s debate; Mike Pence and Biden Vice President; Camilla Harris

October 15, 2020: The second debate: Trump-Biden (Miami)

October 22, 2020: The third presidential debate: Trump – Biden (Tennessee)

November 3, 2020: Popular election (winning is unofficial)

December 8, 2020: disputes settled day, otherwise the Supreme Court intervenes

December 14, 2020: 538 delegates vote for the winner, in line with the popular vote

December 23, 2020: The results of the delegates’ vote are sent to Congress

January 3, 2021: New Congress meeting

January 6, 2021: The winner of the presidency is officially announced

January 20, 2021: Celebrating the inauguration of the President

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