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People say I’m still relevant today: Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal believes staying relevant for almost three decades requires conviction. “It’s very difficult for an independent artiste to sustain for long. The conviction really matters,” says Sehgal.

During the lockdown, the singer-composer-lyricist made headlines with tracks like “Kela Khao”, “Dil Ko Na Peeto”, “Adrak Wali Chai”, “Biryani” and “Corona Go”.

In an exclusive interaction with indianexpress.com, on the sidelines of promoting his new rap for fantasy sports brand Faboom, Baba Sehgal spoke about his working process, dependency of artistes on social media and what needs to change in India’s music scene.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

When you create a rap song, is there a process you follow?

Actually, there is no process. I observe an object or a human being. Sometimes the writing happens in one minute; sometimes it takes an hour. Mostly it happens during the morning time and in five to ten minutes. So I think I’m quite quick at it.

You took up rap music when barely anyone knew about it in India. What gave you the strength to take the leap of faith?

My strength actually has been my conviction and gut feeling. I always believe that what I do has to be successful. That has helped me to sustain for three decades, and people say that I’m still relevant today.

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