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Govt imposes 10% tariff on onion import

The government has imposed 10 percent tariff on onion import order to protect interests of growers, said a notification issued by National Board of Revenue (NBR) today.

The revenue administration slapped five percent regulatory duty and has again imposed the five percent customs duty on import of the essential cooking ingredient.

The move comes less than a week after Commerce ministry requested for imposition of import tariff as prices of onion started falling due to the arrival of early varieties and the resumption of imports from India.

The neighbouring country withdrew ban on import by the end of last month and import began from early this month, raising concerns among farmers of losses.

The NBR also reduced import duty on rice to 25 percent. Before the notification, total tax on rice import was 62.5 percent, said officials.

The NBR also attached the condition that importers will require written permission from Food ministry to bring rice. Last month, food ministry recommended the NBR reduce import tariff to 25 percent in order to increase supply of the grain to curb spiral in prices in the domestic market.

The NBR said the reduced import duty benefit for rice will be effective immediately and remain effective until April 30, 2021.

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