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AB Party condemns Capitol Hill riots and hopes for a smooth, orderly and seamless transition

In a statement issued on Friday the 08 January 2021 at its quarterly Central Working Committee Meeting held at the party central office, A F M Sulaiman Chowdhury, Convenor of AB Party and Mozibur Rahman Monju, Member Secretary of AB Party, condemns the Crowds of pro-Trump supporters who were able to force their way inside one of the country’s most historically and politically significant buildings while elected lawmakers were inside moving to certify Joe Biden’s election victory.
AB Party was concerned, like rest of the world, as a mob of rioters seemed to roam free around inside – looting and vandalising symbols of US democracy as they went.
Like the Supporters of ‘Black Lives Matter protesters’, Mr Chowdhury and Mr Monju voiced their outrage at the perceived double-standard of policing the events. Despite the severity and scale of the chaos, relatively few arrests had been made by nightfall Wednesday.
AB Party leadership also agrees with the President-elect Joe Biden who described the violence as “one of the darkest days in the history of our nation” and ‘an assault on US democracy’.
At the end, Convenor and Member Secretary of AB Party urge respect for America’s democratic processes and a peaceful transfer of power on 20 January 2021.

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