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Many at home and abroad said. I would like to see Mizan as an education advisor.

Hakikul Islam Khokan

Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University, is a well-known successful educator in the country and abroad with his wonderful combination of faith, labor, talent and effort. In response to various questions from journalists, he said at different times that teaching is a habitual addiction for those who consider teaching a great profession. He considers teachers to be the real craftsmen of building people. He always thinks that teachers are above morality, selflessness, greed and lust, honesty is always important. He thinks that those who can’t afford it should stay away from this great profession.

With the help of talk shows, Dr. Mizanur Rahman is a very well known name. At different times, he said, “There are many good, talented and honest people in our society. They work for the welfare of the country and the people through their own efforts. They also work tirelessly for the overall welfare of others. Their minds, thoughts and consciousness are always aimed at the overall sustainable development of people.” They spend their whole lives in the midst of human beings. We think of them as enlightened human beings. It would be wrong to say that there are more enlightened people in the society. There are only a handful of people – Dr. Mizan thinks that many people keep themselves behind the scenes because of their narrow mindedness.

Professor. Mizanur Rahman has been a staunch follower of the ideology of Bangabandhu, the greatest father of the Bengali nation since his student days. He loves to speak openly. However, since he was appointed VC of Jagannath University, he has been adamant in his ideology. There is a widespread rumor that he did not indulge in any unjust whims of his followers in his working life.

Apart from his administrative and academic activities, he wrote regular columns in newspapers. His book on the Liberation War, Bangabandhu and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, was widely acclaimed. ‘Liberation War Consciousness and Development Thoughts’. Dr. Mizanur Rahman’s impeccable role in the student politics of Dhaka University is memorable. In addition to teaching, he is also considered as a unique essay on contemporary issues by political, social and cultural scholars. Mizan has made a special contribution. He has played a leading role in all the progressive youth movements of the country. While holding the post of Treasurer at Dhaka University, he has made an outstanding contribution to the infrastructure and academic development of the university. Apart from teaching, he has held various administrative responsibilities. He was also the Chairman of the Governing Body of Sheikh Borhanuddin College, Council Member of ICMA-Bangladesh, Director of Maxons Spinning, Member of Finance Committee of Bangladesh University Grants Commission and Syndicate Member of Pabna University of Science and Technology and BRAC University. Mizan is currently involved in various activities of North-South University including Rabindra University Bangladesh, Comilla University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University.

Birth and family:
Professor. Mizanur Rahman was born in 1958 to an aristocratic Muslim family in Comilla. He is the husband of Nazma Akhtar, a prominent painter in the family life. His only grandson is Anindya Rahman. I think he loves to tell everyone with a smile.
He passed SSC from Comilla Bibi Bazar High School in 1963 and HSC from Comilla Victoria College in 1975. He was admitted in the Department of Marketing at Dhaka University in 1986. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the same department. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Acquired.
Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman is the fourth Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University. He was appointed by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the first time on March 20, 2013 and for the second time on March 19, 2016.

Dr. Mizan is a white-minded man. He is basically completely secular. He has proved that in his work. During his two terms as Vice-Chancellor, he has appointed at least 400 teachers. Many students’ tuition fees are waived.

Many scholars in the country and abroad have been told that Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman can play a significant role as an education advisor for the overall development, expansion and proper research-based activities of education in Bangladesh in line with the modern world. It is seen that the potential and evaluation of these academics, who are accepted by all the experienced and meritorious quarters, should be reconsidered in terms of the social and political situation and system of the country.

We pray that you can dedicate yourself to the country and the nation in the future days of Dr. Mizanur Rahman. There was endless love and best wishes for Mizan.

Hakikul Islam Khokan,President,American press club of Bangladesh Origin,Editor,Bapsnews,Senior Journalist & Writer,USA

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